After a Rainy February

Well, we have had one for the record books.  Rain, rain and more rain!  The weather has us and probably every lawn care company in town scrambling to catch up.  We appreciate your patience as we work as many jobs in the few rain or puddle-free days that we can.  As we finish up leaf removals for the season (among other things), we are running into very heavy leaves.  When the leaves get wet they get very heavy from the water weight.  A day after the rain stops the top layer of leaves may appear dry, but right under that are heavy soaked leaves.  Since we bill by the worker hour, the longer it takes to move the leaves and suck them up the more we have to bill.  We would rather wait a few or more days after the rain stops to give the leaves a chance to dry so that we can do the job more quickly.

That being said, we do understand that some of our customers still want their leaves removed as soon as we can and we will fit those jobs in on a first come first serve basis.  Again, we appreciate your patience as this has been one very rainy start of the 2018 year.