Fertilization & Weed Control

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control is the first step in order to have a healthy and beautiful lawn.  A high quality well timed fertilization program is a must. As the weather and seasons change, the nutrient needs of your turf grass change as well. Let KEMCO Lawn Services’ 7-round annual lawn spray application program provides your lawn with year-round fertilization and weed control. Don’t forget our lawn mowing services!

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Our 7-Round Program INCLUDES 2 full rounds of Mosquito Control Misting with Rounds 4 and 5… AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!! That’s a $130+ value… INCLUDED!

We also include general turf pest control in our program at NO ADDITIONAL COST! It’s your money, so get the most value for it by calling us today!
How can we offer all of this with our lawn fertilization and weed control?  How can we still be competitive and usually less expensive than the competition? Well we are not a franchise so we do not have to pay royalties to any “big corporation.” We keep our overhead down by relying on word-of-mouth advertising for the most part. We don’t spend tens or even hundred’s of thousands of dollars each year on advertising.

Yes we do have a referral program! As a current KEMCO Lawn Spray Customer you will receive up to a $50 credit for each new spray customer you refer to us, just call us for restrictions and more details.

Healthy roots lead to healthy turf.
A thick turf can help choke-out and prevent some weeds.
A healthy lawn is less prone to stress and disease.
A healthy lawn can repair itself more quickly if injured.
It’s more affordable than you think!





Round 1 – 
February 1 to middle of March
KEMCO Lawn Services Incredible Value!
(to help control late winter/spring weeds before they emerge). Plus spot spray broadleaf post-emergent as needed.



Round 2 – 
Mid March to end of April
Pre-Emergent for Spring / Summer weeds, spot spray broadleaf weeds as needed. Poa Annua post emergent control if needed. – PLUS a lawn insect treatment to kill many turf insects including grub worms, ants, spiders and many more! Fertilizer – fertilize too early and you will green the turf but risk damage to the root system PLUS this helps fertilize the weeds! EXTRA CHARGE for any type of turf insect control.
Round 3 – 
First of May to Middle of June
Green-up Fertilizer – Spot Spray sedges/nutgrass as well as any broadleaf/grassy weeds. PLUS as an added bonus a granular insecticide application to help control many sucking and chewing pest that hurt your lawn as well as ants, roaches, spiders, and grub worms. Fertilizer and spot spraying weeds.
EXTRA CHARGE for insect control.

Round 4 –

Mid June to mid/end of July

Fertilizer – Balanced slow-release fertilizer to provide your lawn with needed nutrients in order to keep it healthy, thick and green. PLUS a foliar and systemic insect treatment to kill many sucking and chewing turf insects including grub worm eggs! PLUS FREE MOSQUITO MISTING!

Fertilizer and spot-spraying weeds. EXTRA CHARGE for Insect Control and / or Grub Worm control

Extra charge for Mosquito Misting

Round 5 – 
Mid July through August
Fertilizer – Higher in Potassium, helps to get your lawn’s root system ready for the upcoming Fall and Winter months. 

Fertilizer – (maybe too high in Nitrogen)

Extra charge for Mosquito Misting

Round 6 – 
Sept to mid Oct
Pre-Emergent including Poa Annua control Many won’t spray for Poa Annua, they say “It will die off when it gets too hot.” True but in the mean time your turf grass is being smothered and starved by the competition for light and nutrients.
Round 7 –
mid Oct to end year or first of following year.
Lime application – to maintain soil health & optimum pH level. Our clay soil tends to become acidic over time. EXTRA CHARGE for a Lime Application

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