Mole and Grub Worm Control

Are moles quickly destroying your beautiful lawn! What do you do? Call KEMCO Lawn Services for mole and grub worm control in Memphis TN, because we have the solution for controlling these detrimental pests. As a customer of our lawn fertilization and weed control you receive some control free of charge, designed to help keep the grub population down but not eradicate it. This is not mean to replace a full grub worm control application when needed.



Mole and grub worm control in Memphis – Why are they in my lawn?

Sometimes it may look like a thousand moles took over your lawn in just a day or two. Usually, it is just one maybe two moles. You see, moles are very territorial so they don’t like company. Often a mole will only use a tunnel one time, unless they find a good food source. And one of their favorite foods is grub worms. These grubs, the larvae of certain beetles, will stay in the ground for one and in some cases two years. They will pupate and arise out of the ground as adult beetles, those we know of as June bugs or May beetles, Japanese Beetles and more. Those circular mounds of fresh dirt in your lawn usually indicate an area the mole has cleared out underground to feed. They have hit the jackpot and found a great supply of grub worms.

When the tunnel doesn’t lead to a food supply, the mole will make another, and then another and so on. All the while, tearing up your beautiful lawn. Rather than try to guess which one or two runs out of possibly ten or twenty are active, for mole and grub worm control in Memphis area we will apply a quality pest control product to rid your lawn of their food supply, the grubs.

Moles vs Voles

The primary difference between these two are that Moles are carnivores and Voles are herbivores. Although both make runs or tunnels in lawns and gardens, mole tunnels tend to be raised up, where as vole tunnels tend to have a sunken or “V” look to them. And voles love to nest up under evergreen shrubs. Because of this fact, voles have no desire for grub worms but they love to feed on the roots of flowers, shrubs and plants.

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