Bitter Cress Weeds in Memphis

Weeds in Memphis and their control.  This is the first post on weeds in Memphis and their identification.  Even though there are thousands of weeds out there, there are a few weeds in Memphis that I get asked time and time again “what is that weed.”  Well, we are going to start showing some of the more common ones we find in the Memphis area.  It is my goal to post one a week, hopefully, as time allows.  So come back each week and learn something new about weeds in Memphis.  And for the do it yourself homeowners, we are going to also give some tips to help you get these weeds under control.
bitter cress weed

This younger weed’s picture was taken in the middle of March.  Prior to seeing the seed heads you will see a very small white flower on the end of a thin, upright stalk.  This stalk shoots up from the base of the mass of low-growing round leaves.  As the weed matures and the seed pods dry, they pop open at the slightest touch of a lawn mower, foot or hand.  This causes hundreds of new seeds to shoot into your turf. It’s almost like popcorn popping.  But do not fret, there are some great selective products you can use however some may be restricted for use by trained pesticide applicators.  To learn more about our weed control services click here.

How to Control Bitter Cress Weeds in Memphis

3-way products containing 2,4-D are usually quite effective.  Products containing Imazaquin are also quite effective.  The use of a surfactant such as MSO or an NIS is recommended to help the product stick to the pest weed for a longer period of time.  These selective herbicides work through the leaf and do not harm Bermuda or Zoysia grasses.

Weed killers only work on growing weeds.  When temperatures are cooler as in the 30 or 40s at night and 50s or 60s in the day, growth is slow.  When you take that into consideration, one of the tricks you can use a few days after application to speed up the die back of these weeds is to get your lawn mower out and cut them.  Use a bagger to minimize the spreading of weed seeds unless you have already used a pre-emergent like we do.  Give your weed killer time to work.  What would normally show yellowing or die back in a day or two when it is 90 degrees outside, will easily take one to two weeks in cooler temps.

If you would rather hire a professional to take care of your weeds in Memphis please click here or give us a call today!